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  1. "Is America Becoming a Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah?"

    Great Article! We have the following:

    Dear Editor

    A thank you is in order to The Sentinel for your respect and endorsement of the U S Constitution ‘s First Amendment. There are many publications in the United States that say they respect the First Amendment but you hardly see published letters they do not agree with, Two such letters recently by Stephen E. Sellers and Elaine S. Houdeshel would get a jaundiced eye from many editors. Their letters dated November 14th and November 16th were not too congratulatory to a certain political party or its leader. Matter of fact there was criticism of both political parties

    Mr Sellers was very declarative in his statement of, “For those Christians who did not vote because you think that you should not get involved or don't want to get involved, let me remind you that the only thing it takes for bad things to happen is for good people to do nothing. How can any Christian not cast a vote against a candidate and a party who supports abortion which is nothing more than the murder of the unborn?” What he seems to be protesting is the sin of individuals and a political party. He may be protesting fellow Christians. Mr Sellers points out a serious problem.

    Mrs Houdeshel succinctly points out that we should not condemn the sinner only the sin. What we must do is to pray for that sinner. “If you are a Christian, pray to God to enter the heart of our president and the hearts of his followers and save their souls. Our God is powerful. We may be called for such a time as this. Nothing is impossible for God.”

    Redemption is a key in Mr Sellers and Mrs Houdeshel letters and of course prayer is the way.

    With prayer in mind we at Citizens Concerned for Human Life will be having our annual Lewistown March for Life on January 20,2013 for the sole purpose of praying for for life and the redemption of those persons in public life and for religious freedom. Our March will be at 1 PM from N Dorcas St to Mt Hope, Bethel A M E Church 23 N Juniata St,Lewistown,PA17044 (Indoors)

    Frank Cunningham
    CCHLMJ, Inc